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Glitter Hints and Tips

How to Glitter Hints and Tips

How To:

  • Cover the work area with newspaper.
  • Place the object on a sheet of paper to catch the excess glitter.
  • Using the Paint Brush – Paint the object with the glitter glue. Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter.  Over the glue. Completely covering all the glue.
  • Gently PAT the glitter
  • Hold the object on its side and gently TAP off the excess glitter onto the paper.
  • Slowly pour the excess glitter back into the container / plastic sachet.
  • Let the glue dry for Approx: - 1 Hour. 


  • If necessary, dilute the glitter glue with a little water. In a separate container, Mix two parts glue to one part water to an even consistency.
  • A fairly thick layer of glue takes longer to dry. But will hold the glitter better.
  • If you are going to do different Colours of glitter on the object – Paint small sections with glitter glue – Sprinkle a generous amount of the particular colour of glitter i.e. Red. Remember to always Pat and Tap the object after putting on each colour of glitter. Then paint another small section with glitter glue – Sprinkle a generous amount of the next colour of glitter i.e. Green. Continue until the object is completely glittered.
  • If you miss a spot, go back and carefully touch up with additional glitter glue and glitter.
  • For Large objects. Apply glitter glue and glitter in sections
  • To make Lines / Patterns – Squirt Lines onto the object with the Glue – Then sprinkle generous amounts of Glitter. Do Not pat the glitter. Always remove excess glitter by tapping the object.
  • For Outdoor Projects: - Spray lightly with vanish.